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'Experiencing China' is about ordinary life in China and the wealing and dealing of a Dutchman in the Middle Kingdom. Marc works for DuoArts Consultancy and the Empowerment Foundation, travelling between the Netherlands and China.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Professional websites now available in English

It's been bussy recently. DuoArts Consultancy is growing and having a one-man enterprise in the Netherlands (fortunately, I possess a larger network in China), this means loads of extra work. Funny how you spend so much time on marketing to provide your company with future projects. Though, I like to do marketing and becoming a self-made-expert in this field. Thanks to this blog I learned how to pay attention to page-ranks, write stories that other people read, creating several links for the search machines to be able to find you quick and easy, as well as some basic html writing (yes, I'm from a previous generation!).

All the knowledge gathered, has been used to make my professional site at www.china-advies.com a popular one amongst Dutch readers (... and potential clients!). Unfortunately, on the expense of my original blog Experiencing China. You will find the website now also available in English, as part of an internationalization strategy.

Besides my work for DuoArts Consultancy, I'm still working on a volunteer basis for the Empowerment Foundation as a project manager China. The two schools I wrote about in previous articles are doing fine. There's only one slight problem, the virtual absence of donation coming in. We had some donations but unfortunately to little to succesfully continue the projects. Currently, I'm fighting against the image, existent in the Netherlands, that China is by no means a development country because of it's huge annual economic growth rates. The other side of the coin (is this an English/American/Australian etc. expression as well?) is that 950 million Chinese still weren't able to improve their pover living standards. But, there is good news. The previously Dutch website of the Empowerment Foundation is also available in English now. You will find it at www.empowermentfoundation.nl.


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