Experiencing China

'Experiencing China' is about ordinary life in China and the wealing and dealing of a Dutchman in the Middle Kingdom. Marc works for DuoArts Consultancy and the Empowerment Foundation, travelling between the Netherlands and China.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Shooting Beijing

I have been making quite a few photos in the last seven weeks I am in China. Some of them are already on my site, but I found three photos that I really like and would like to share with you and which haven't been put on this site yet. Enjoy!

The photo below was taken in March when Chuang and I visited a teahouse. Because the sales lady and Chuang were discussing tea in Chinese I got bored and found it a good opportunity to take some pictures. (Click on each photo to see it full size).


The next photo was taken just in front of Beihai park, Beijing. It was a warm and misty day (smog and dust), early April. I had been following the old man for some time and tried to make a fine photo of him, which wasn't easy because there were so many people present. So I took multiple photos. Not a single one was suitable except for this one. Back home I discovered that this was indeed a good photo because of the young girl that I by accident also had stored in my digital camera. I especially like the contrast between old and young. Both beautiful faces.


The last photo also has been taken in Beihai park. I already noticed the grandfather and his grandchild but did as if I was taking a picture of the yellow jasmine flowering below. For this photo I took my time, carefully followed by grandfather and grandchild.



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