Experiencing China

'Experiencing China' is about ordinary life in China and the wealing and dealing of a Dutchman in the Middle Kingdom. Marc works for DuoArts Consultancy and the Empowerment Foundation, travelling between the Netherlands and China.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Surviving the roads...

A driving license is a great thing to have! Eveline and I rented a car and drove 363 km (225 miles) this weekend. Not much but virtually everything I have learned the past year, has been put in practice. I really enjoy the freedom it gives! I never thought I would be infected by this 'boys-toys' thing, but I am.

Driving in my (rented) car 

And about China... 7 days to go!

CU, Marc


Blogger Bicyclemark said...

Im left wondering... in which direction were you driving? But I can just picture you both driving along, and you enjoying your role as the DRIVER.

1:05 AM  

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